“Working with BBA has been amazing. 
Most importantly it has taught me to be
confident in my body and what it’s capable
of before I give birth. Colleen is so thoughtful
and trains you specifically for birth and beyond
(like stabilizing/strengthening to carry the car seat!)."
- Meg T., Rochester



The only Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Pre-Certified Postpartum Doula empowering women’s wellbeing before pregnancy through motherhood. Find the class or service that’s right for you.

Core Rehab PDF

A huge mistake women make is thinking good ol’ sit-ups and planks will get their core back in shape. WRONG. This causes more damage. So what do you do? With the Core Rehab Guide, simply and effectively start rebuilding your core foundation after giving birth.

12 Week Training Guides

How do you ramp up in the 2nd then taper in the 3rd? Planning your pre & postnatal training week can be confusing. Here’s 4 trimesters (including PP), broken into 12 week training blocks outlining weekly strength, recovery, swim/walk, cross-train, high-intensity days.

Get back to movement, safely & fast.

Fill the gap between birth and returning to full blown exercise. In the 2nd to 6th week postpartum, we go over your prenatal activity, labor experience, and how you’re presently feeling. I then create a custom rehabilitative movement program for you to begin immediately based on YOUR needs. Learn More.