Your Body is a Beautiful Evolution.
It’s Scary to Change & Become a Mother. Relax in Knowing Your Temple Can Lift/Run/Yoga/SUP Safely and the Movement will Positively Affect…Everything!

Women who work with me want:

  • to continue their weight lifting/running/kickboxing/etc. routines but don’t know what’s safe during pregnancy
  • to be healthy during pregnancy but want more than prenatal yoga or pilates
  • to prepare their bodies for the hard work of labor/motherhood
  • to relieve stress and be around other pregnant women and moms
  • to properly heal their core/pelvic floor/injury as new moms before returning to their regular exercise routines
  • an expert to help them exercise with great form, safely

Fit2Prokreate doesn’t just mean “fit” in the physical sense. We believe that mental and emotional fitness is balanced and strengthened through an active body. If you practice for the event, battle, gloriousness of birth, you’re preparing your body for the physical work it must endure to grow and bring that babe into the world. You’re introducing your mind to hard work, for learning pain thresholds and practicing calming breaths. You’re acting proactively, revolutionary. You’re preparing for whatever lies ahead in the unknown because revolution is about freedom. “Fit to Prokreate” is about the bigger picture of wellness, longevity, and the joy we seek from life. Hustling in daily life to being pregnant and bringing children into this world tests ours belief systems, amplifies our fears, cleans our perspectives, changes our relationship with ourselves and others. It is a life altering experience that is messy, raw, beautiful, chaotic, innate, fierce. And you don’t have to go it alone, I am here to help. Together, we will find creative ways around obstacles to discover unwavering strengths.

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Meg T.

Meg T.

Rochester, NY

“Working with Colleen has been amazing.  
Most importantly it has taught me to be confident 
in my body and what it’s capable of 
before I give birth. Colleen is so thoughtful 
and trains you specifically for birth and beyond 
(like stabilizing/strengthening to carry the car seat!)."


Strength and conditioning is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimal health. How you move, what you put in/on/around your body, your sleep, your recovery, your stress levels (& what you do about them), your support team are all KEY components to a thriving life. Think of this service as creative, custom life hacking for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum so these transitions are as smooth and amazing as possible! We know it’s going to be new and uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. No more mediocrity. You deserve greatness.

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Personal pregnancy and postpartum programming is very important if you’ve had changes to your original training plans, physical limitations you don’t know how to deal with, or events that need expert oversight. I create custom movement sessions based on where you exercise, your schedule, your body, and your goals.

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For women 4+ weeks postpartum:

Don’t GUESS at what you should be doing as a new mom! Purchase an expertly designed program focused on helping you return to the movement you love. These programs are designed to keep you safe while building strength, stability, stamina, and confidence in 6 weeks.



Each program includes the Core Care PDF ($49 value).

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Colleen also runs monthly Workshops. You’re Pregnant! Now What Do You Do For Exercise?! is to educate you as to what exercises are safe (and not so safe) during pregnancy, and to give you alternatives, so you can continue going to non-pregnancy classes if you wish, but also to understand better the physiological changes going on in your body. This is incredibly useful to those women who enjoy multiple activities or need to add a different type of movement to their routine!

Your First Weeks of New Mom Movement is focused on restorative movement immediately after birth 3-10 weeks or so. This workshop is especially useful for women in their 2nd/3rd trimesters so they know what to do postpartum. Beyond Core Restore, Next Steps for Returning to Exercise workshop is for women 10+ weeks postpartum who are getting ready to get back into their favorite exercise routines and need guidance on safe progressions.


R. soon-to-be-momma

R. soon-to-be-momma

Business Coach

"When I came to Colleen, I was at a very low point in my fertility experience. I was willing to try anything to work towards my dream of trying to become a Mother. When I walked into her studio, I felt compassion, energy, support and understanding coming from Colleen instantly. Soon after that first meeting, I stepped out of my comfort zone and put my trust in her belief in me. Colleen's wisdom about the female body and it's needs during fertility and pregnancy gave me the guidance that I needed to start believing in myself again after a very long and hard road. I was able to challenge myself in ways that I haven't done before, under her careful watch. I will always be grateful for her supportive leadership, her great sense of humor, her willingness to go above and beyond and her knowledge. A few months into my work with Colleen my wish came true, in part due to her work with me and my husband. I am now well into my first viable pregnancy and forever thankful for her willingness to pull me into my higher self!"


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    Stephanie W.

    Stephanie W.

    Accountant, Rochester NY

    Colleen is amazing! I went to her after a bout with rhabdo and I've never looked back! Her workouts are challenging, but appropriate. I used to only run, but Colleen has turned me into a functional fitness queen! She is so understanding and caring too which is an awesome added benefit. Even though she's moved away from Rochester, NY, she continues to do an excellent job training me with her remote programming. I couldn't have made it through my rhabdo recovery, pregnancy, and postpartum period without her. I highly recommend her!